Dr. Vikas Puri is happy to share information about the Seattle Study Club®. As an international network designed to achieve comprehensive care through team planning and total case management, the Seattle Study Club is a platform that connects dental professionals, like our periodontist at Implant & Periodontal Associates NW, across the world to quality education and a collaborative community. SSC Seattle Study Club

The Seattle Study Club contains over 225 individuals that facilitate their own local study clubs and forums across the United States, Canada and Australia. The program was created by Dr. Michael Cohen, who took over 15 years to construct the current study model that he actively uses in his own practice today.

Members and doctors who facilitate their own clubs throughout this network are committed to using the newest tools and techniques and provide excellence in the management of their practice and treatment of their patients.

Are you interested in learning more about the Seattle Study Club? Check out their website!

The Seattle Study Club

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