If you are preparing to receive orthodontic treatment, our skilled periodontist may recommend surgically facilitated orthodontic treatment (SFOT) to enhance the bone quality around your teeth and ensure that you receive high-quality treatment while aligning your teeth. We invite you to call Implant & Periodontal Associates NW at 509-542-9111 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Vikas Puri and learn more about surgically facilitated orthodontic treatment in Richland, Washington.

Surgically facilitated orthodontic therapy is an advanced procedure that pinpoints underlying problems of insufficient alveolar bone and composite arch forms. When supporting bone is insufficient or too thin to allow you to receive traditional orthodontics, SFOT can increase the supporting bone to improve your oral function and allow you to receive orthodontic treatment without complications. SFOT helps ensure that you receive quality treatment and can achieve the best possible result for your oral health and smile.

Benefits of SFOT include:

  • Reduced need for tooth extractions
  • Enhanced aesthetics, including lip support for ideal oral function
  • Maximizes orthodontic possibilities
  • Enlarges dental arches
  • Increased predictability in treatment
  • Greater long-term stability following treatment
  • Reduced overall treatment time

When you receive this treatment, our periodontist will work with an orthodontist to plan your procedure. After the SFOT surgery procedure is completed and you have healed, your orthodontist will begin your orthodontic treatment and align your teeth and jaws.